18 October 2009

Where Am I?

Where Am I? That's a question I often ask myself when I'm driving to a new destination. I'm "directionally dysfunctional". There: I've said it out loud! If there were an organization for people like me, say for example Directionally Dysfunctional Anonymous, I would be president (or at least vice president). Thank heaven for GPS navigational systems and address plaques. Without them I would truly be lost. My husband I didn't argue often but one of the things that would really set him off, was my lack of directional sense. If he made a wrong turn while driving, he knew how to compensate for the error. Not me! When he'd try and give me directions, he'd get very frustrated because I couldn't relate to what he was telling me. He had to tell me in terms of left turn, right turn, how many lights, what businesses were along the way etc. We finally agreed that he wouldn't give me directions early in the morning or late at night. (and hopefully never on his part).

Before a lot of homes and businesses had address plaques that were noticeable, I would spend a lot of time stopping and asking for directions especially in a business area, as I find those are the ones who don't have their address clearly visible for the most part. I like it when they are illuminated or are the reflecting kind as they can be seen in the dark.

To me, an address plaque is very important. If it's for a house, then I know that I've I reached the right place especially in areas where homes are far apart or in a very rural area late at night. Even though my GPS will get me where I want to go, I still like to find a visible sign that it is definitely the right place.