07 October 2009

Bigger Than Big

Growing up, one of the Christmas season's traditions for my family was driving through our local park to see the lighted holiday displays. Then we'd drive around in the surrounding residential areas to see who had outdone everyone else. My mother enjoyed decorating our house for the holidays as this was her favorite time of the year. Every year, the decorations and displays got bigger and better. As a child, I thought I was seeing large Christmas decorations.

My family moved to Michigan over 30 years ago (from the East Coast). We learned that there was a huge "all year round" Christmas store about 30 miles away in Frankenmuth, MI. They are open 361 days a year and are a worldwide tourist attraction. They carry every imaginable ornament and decoration. My husband and I would take our 2 daughters up there at least once a year because the store kept growing and growing. It was especially fun to go in the summer when the temperatures were high. Large Christmas decorations were every where. Trains ran on tracks close to the ceiling, dolls were swinging on swings, animated animals and characters were moving about and some were singing. I thought we had seen everything in the way of holiday decorations.

Recently, I found a web site that has large Christmas decorations. Actually, these are larger than large. Looking at the two pictures above, you can see that they tower over the people standing next to them. These ornaments and decorations are HUGE! Besides the 2 pictured above, I couldn't believe the size of some of the other holiday decorations shown on this web site. What a fantastic selection to choose from including: hot air balloons, snowman families, carousel horses, light sticks, toy soldiers and holiday elves made of weather resistant fiber glass.