19 October 2009

Do Lie Detectors Lie?

Polygraph tests are not cheap to administer. Forensic Polygraph Center in Simsbury, CT says the going rate is about $900.00. Commonly known as a lie detector, it's not only used for criminals. Private citizens use it as a tool to help settle domestic disputes. For many polygraph testing companies, more than 50% of their income, comes from family disputes.

John Grogan, Executive Director of Polygraph Examiners of America says that the machines are very accurate. "With the modern computerized polygraph and a trained examiner, it's about 98% accurate" Grogan stated.

George Maschke, co-founder of "Anti-polygraph.org" says that "It can measure your breathing rate, change in palm sweating and change in heart rate, but none of these are correlated in any consistent way with deceptions in human beings."

Polygraph (lie detector) testing has greatly increased due to crime shows, judge shows and game shows.

Source: The Hartford Courant