01 October 2009

Andrew Wilshire: Investing Expert

We all know that money doesn't grow on trees. Andrew Wilshire is a financial adviser, entrepreneur and business executive with words of wisdom on not only investing but protecting your investments. For coin collectors, no matter how large or small the collection is, don't spend any of the coins; hold onto them for a gain in value.

Andrew Wilshire, an expert on investing in bullion and precious metals publishes a blog to offer advice and marketing comments to clients and interested investors. One of the tips he offers is that coins etc. be safely secured. If you have a safe at home, it should be built into the wall . If the safe is sitting on the floor, it needs to be taller than you so it's size and bulk will prevent robbers from removing it. Bank safe deposit boxes are another secure option.

With years of experience starting up and directing growth-oriented companies, Andrew Wilshire uses his financial skills including raising capital and creating long and short term financial strategies to make his mark on the financial world.