28 October 2009

"I Want & Need ..."

My existence as a cat requires many things. Oh, by the way, my name is Earline Q. I want and need many things out of life such as a steady food supply, fresh water, catnip, a clean litter box and soft places to sleep. When I go outside, it's especially essential that I have comfortable outdoor patio furniture to sleep on in order to get my beauty rest. I have been on some furniture that is so lumpy, hard, rusted and mildewed that I have had to set standards (will have to pass them on to my owner). There is nothing worse than waking up cranky after my cat nap or sleeping on furniture that leaves "sleep marks" on my body. Sad but true, this has happened many times in the past.

Outdoor patio furniture should be designed for style, durability and most important of all, comfort. Beautiful design, craftsmanship, top quality and price should be the main criteria when selecting new furniture. My owner should be looking for exceptional value all the way around. As I don't like going into the pool (no point being in water unless there are fish for me to catch), I would like the luxury of lounging on conversation sets and poolside chairs. If there's a dinner party, there should be an extra chair for me so that I can be an inactive observer (please: no food scraps: I need to maintain my weight and shiny coat at all times).

Whether the outdoor patio furniture that you choose is aluminum, wrought iron, wicker, wood or high-density plastic, comfort for lounging and dining is a top prerequisite. If you like an eclectic style of decorating, mixing and matching materials and styles is just the thing for you.