20 August 2009

What I Wouldn't Give For Dry Firewood

Last weekend, I did what I've done several times before ... I spent the weekend camping. I volunteer at an annual grief-support weekend sleep-over camp for children who have lost a loved one. It might be a parent, sibling, grandparent or another special person.

Now, those that know me always laugh when I tell them that my camping weekend has come around again because they know I like my creature comforts: toilets that flush, lights that turn on at the flick of a switch and a warm dry place to eat and sleep.

Well, it rained ALL weekend. Actually, it didn't only rain; it poured! Nothing was dry. The anticipated bonfire which could have been moved indoors to a huge fireplace, didn't take place as the wood was not stored in firewood racks. It was all out in the open and not covered. You could tell that some of the wood had been left out in the elements for a long period of time as it was starting to decay (can't imagine the number of bugs that might have been living in there). If the wood had been stored in a firewood rack and covered, the problem could have been avoided and an indoor bonfire could have been enjoyed by all.

Firewood racks make storage and cover-up very easy. You can get large ones or small ones and leave them uncovered until there is inclement weather. That way, you have really dry wood any time you want it. Leaving firewood out in the elements proved disastrous for this year's camp bonfire. Hopefully, next year will find that simple precautions have been taken.