06 August 2009

CareNSol Eco-Friendly Packaging Systems

Landfills are rapidly filling up with materials that will take generations to disintegrate. However, there is an excellent solution to help you with your packaging/shipping needs as well as helping the environment: CareNSol Packaging Systems.

When you use CareNSol packing products, you'll be using products that are not only cost effective, reusable and a "green" alternative to foam, you'll also be saving on warehouse space as the packs are stored flat. One pack, with an adjustable, water soluble cradle, can fit several size products in a protected environment that eliminates shipping damage to delicate items.

The entire CareNSol sustainable packaging system is fully biodegradable and the corrugated material is made from 20% post-consumer content. The packaging is easy to use and is "landfill free".