27 August 2009

Let Nature Do The Work

It's nice to know that I was before the times with the "green" movement. For years, I've recycled yard waste but did it the old fashion way by letting a pile of grass clippings, leaves and vegetable garden by-products etc. do their own thing in a large pile in the far corner of my backyard. It attracted bugs, insects and who knows what else and had a horrible smell while the pile was breaking down.

A couple of years ago, I started looking for a cleaner, more efficient way of composting (using decayed organic material to improve soil for growing crops). I discovered the Earthmaker Aerobic Composter which makes composting easier, less messy and more convenient. It's eco-friendly and is the latest thing in composting. There are fewer flies and greenhouse gases and the swiveling top door keeps animals out.

With the Earthmaker Composter, the breakdown of materials occurs twice as fast. It has 3 stages that can produce approximately 10 gallons of compost each month. By having 3 stages, the fresh waste, digesting waste and the maturing waste are kept separate. I found that using a small rake helps to move the composted material to the front so it can be scooped out with a shovel. But what I liked best about the Earthmaker Composter is that's it's easy to assemble (I like simple directions that are user friendly).

Composting and doing as much as you can for "green" are important things to do before more damage is done to the environment. Also, green is associated with luck (the 4 leaf clover and the Irish belief in "wearing of the green"), good health and nutrition associated with eating green vegetables and green, the color of US currency. Look into a low cost Earthmaker Composter and "GO GREEN"!!!