24 August 2009

Elegant Wedding Invitations At A Low Price

Your wedding day is very special. There are many details that need to be worked out and dealt with before the ceremony takes place. You want quality in everything you do but you also want to be economical.

Low cost wedding invitations, done on high quality art paper from Japan and Italy, are available by ordering them through Rs2Guru. Orders need to be placed at least 4 months ahead of the wedding date to allow enough time for processing, production and shipping. You'll want to mail your invitations to your guests 8-10 weeks prior to your wedding.

If you want something extremely elegant, you can order hand drawn wedding invitations. If you're a more casual person, you can shop the "style collection" which includes destination, romance, classic and modern invitations. If you're an outdoor couple, you might be interested in the " scene collection" which includes ocean/beach, church and lawn invitations. You can also select from 14 movie themed wedding invitations. Invitations are also available by color.

If you're confused or unsure about what type or style of invitation you want, you can request 1-7 invitation samples for $3.00. You'll receive an invitation card, response card, reception card and blank envelope for each sample. This is a one time only request that will definitely help with your decision for wedding invitations.

Shipping is: free 48 hour UPS Express.