10 August 2009

Call2Abroad For Low Cost International Calls

If you're working or traveling in Europe, living there as a student or expat, or conducting business overseas and are looking for a way to talk on the telephone that is more convenient, will let your talk longer and is cheaper than other plans, then Call2Abroad is the telephone system that will meet all your needs. Whether you use a cell phone or a land line, you'll definitely want to find out more about their plans and the high quality they deliver.

Countries where calls can be made from are Belgium, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany and Italy, and the United States to anywhere in the world for as low as E0.04/min.

Once you've selected a plan, payment is easy. You can use PayPal (a highly secured way for a financial transaction) or any credit or debit card.

There is also an affiliate program 2Abroad that allows you to earn money by promoting their cheap international telephone calling plan/system on your website or blog. After you've joined, you'll be provided with banners and links. As with other sites, when someone clicks on a link of yours, they'll be directed to the 2Abroad website and you'll receive a commission for sales made.