18 August 2009

Sight Reading Piano Music Made Easy

Have you always wanted to play the piano but didn't know how get started? Have you been frustrated in the past with your inability to sight read music? Here's an easy way to learn sight reading. There is a piano course available on line that will help you find your inner musician.

Become a pro at sight reading by ordering "Mastering the Art of Piano Sight Reading". You'll learn how to read both the treble and base clef and how to count the rhythm of the piece of music while sight reading. You'll also learn how to count music with eighth and sixteenth notes and the best way to read a group of notes.

The sight reading course includes a 177 page manual, a computer CD ROM and a DVD. You'll be guided step by step on the right sight reading methods and get hundreds of exercises for the computer and in front of piano keys. This course is suitable for late beginners and early intermediate players.