25 August 2009

Do-It-Yourself Carport?

My husband and I should never have done any type of project together. We were married for 33 years and the "P" (project) word caused a few arguments. Neither one of use knew too much about various tools. The only thing we basically agreed on was the difference between a flat head screwdriver and a Phillip's screwdriver. It's like we were speaking a foreign language to each other when it came to reading installation and assembly directions.

Our first house didn't have a garage. We bravely decided to look into carports as an option to a garage. Well: the hunt began. We never knew there were so many styles, sizes, fabrics and so many options to choose from.

What style did we want? A single wide or a double wide carport? How tall did we want it? What style did we want: round, square, tube, roof with a peak etc. Our questions were endless and were looking for reliable answers. Of course, salesmen touted the values of the most expensive ones. While we kept looking to find the size and style we both agreed on, the question "Should we put it together ourselves?" reared it's ugly head. For awhile we actually tossed that question back and forth.

Wise couple that we were, we decided to leave the assembly and installation of the carport to the experts. We valued our marriage (and our sanity) too much to attempt this on our own. We really enjoyed the carport once it was up. It offered protection from the direct sun (I've since learned that this type of shade can lower the temperature 12-14 degrees) so that even it hot weather, the vehicles were cooler to get into than they would have been without the coverage. It helped against the snow too which helped make the winter months easier to tolerate. And the best decision of all was not to do it ourselves.