02 June 2009

Will Ferrell>> Love him?? I Do!!!

Who can ever forget Will's Saturday Night Live skit about musicians, with Will Ferrell playing the cowbell and Christopher Walken as the music producer urging "MORE COWBELL"! The "COWBELL" skit ranks 5th on SNL's 101 most unforgetable. That skit and Will's patriotic underwear skit are 2 of my favorites.

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Will joined the cast of Saturday Night Live (SNL) in 1995. During the 7 years on the show, his talents which ranged from impersonations to characters earned him an Emmy nomination.

Will Ferrell's movie Semi Pro about Jackie Moon, owner of an ABA basketball team named The Flint Tropics, was partially filmed in my hometown of Flint, MI (approx. 50 miles north of Detroit where the majority of the film was shot). The set-up crew came in prior to the actors. They never blocked traffic or closed down any streets (they did quite a bit of filming in downtown Flint) and shot "after hours" with strong lights so as not to interfere with the daily functioning within the city. Crowds turned out to watch the filming and said the cast was very cordial, signed autographs and talked with the watchers. I never got to see any of the filming, but every day as I passed the catering trailors, lighting/sound etc. trailers, I was very pleased with the courtesy they showed to the city.

One of the funny things that happened was the fake snow that was created. It caught on fire (as it was paper based) so the fire department had to put out the "snow fire".

LOVE YOU WILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!