25 June 2009

DONATE YOUR HAIR for cancer patients

Have you ever wanted to help someone in a way that didn't involve money or a donation of your time? Have you ever thought about donating your hair for cancer patients?

Many forms of chemotherapy result in hair loss which can be very traumatic for the person undergoing treatment and for their loved ones. There are several organizations that work with cancer patients that accept donations of hair to be made into wigs for women, men and children. People with hair that is 10" long (or more) should consider donating their hair. It takes many donations (can be between 6-20 hair donations) to make one wig which can help make one of the worst parts of cancer treatment a little more bearable. Many of the organizations that accept hair have the same requirements:

Hair at least 10" long, clean, dry and bundled into a ponytail or braid

Hair should be placed in a zip lock bag

Hair must not be chemically damaged by coloring or perms

Grey hair is not suitable for children's wigs but can be used in adult wigs. Boy's wigs can be made from shorter lengths separated from longer ponytails or braids. There are many organizations that accept hair donations including:

Locks of Love
2925 10th Avenue North
Suite 102
Lake Worth, Florida 33461
Toll-free information: (888) 896-1588

Wigs 4 Kids
29314 Harper Ave.
St. Clair Shores, MI 48081
United States of America
Phone: 586-772-6656
Web Site: www.wigs4kids.org

Havana Technical Hair Design
326 Gilmore Avenue
Burnaby, British Columbia, V5C 4R1
Tel: 604-299-6888

Pantene Beautiful Lengths
511 Wisconsin Drive
New Richmond, WI 54017-2613
Phone: 1 800 945 7768