04 June 2009


Once again my fair state of Michigan is in the news (remember GM?) and not in a positive way. A woman in Bay County (north of me) is suing Starbucks for "severe burns and permanent scars" she received 3 years ago (did she just crawl out from under her rock, decide she needed $$$ and say "Wait....let me go after Starbucks?").

According to a Flint Journal article June 4, 2009, Irene Bruno is seeking $75,000.00 in damages.

Bruno alleges that a worker at a Midland (MI) Starbucks Coffee outlet improperly secured a lid on the coffee cup (remember the 1994 McDonald's $2.9 million award to a woman with the same claim?). Irene claims the lid on the coffee cup came off just as she was about to take a sip. Bruno is seeking damages alleging "extreme humiliation and embarrassment".

YOH Irene!!!! WHERE is your common sense? WHERE is your brain? Don't you automatically check a lid when a cup is given to you (or is it just me that thinks of that?)? WHY don't you take responsibility for the stupidity of your actions? Why are you trying to make other Starbuck's consumers pay for your next 10,000 cups of coffee?