03 June 2009

"Warriors of the Sun" by Joan Baez 1982

Joan Baez is of Mexican, English and Scottish descent. Her professional career began at the 1959 Newport Folk Festival. Joan is a song writer/singer and her traditional folk ballads and blues are usually sung to her own accompaniment on guitar. She introduced Bob Dylan (who was less well know) to her audiences.

Joan focused her attention on the Viet Nam War and the Civil Rights Movement and combined her music and activism. She appeared at the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival in upstate New York which increased her national and international fame. Baez was always an advocate for the things she believed in and one of the things she was aware of was ecology and global warming in the early 1980's. The words to her song 'Warriors of the Sun" (which she wrote and performed) speaks clearly of this awareness. I would urge you to listen to her musical version of the following song.

We are the Warriors of the Sun
We are the Warriors of the Sun

If it's true about no more water but the fire next time
Will the children of the eighties be ashes or live to their prime
If we don't heed reasonable people and their warnings of days to come
We'll all be incinerated Warriors of the Sun

We'll be there to feed the hungry and to tend to the sick
We'll be there when the night gets black and the going gets thick
We'll be there to carry your feeble, your hopeless and your weary ones
We are the Warriors of the Sun

The black angel of Memphis is by our side
He walked and he talked in truth until the day that he died
He said, "It ain't what you can do for me, ah, but what can I do for thee?"
And he took us to the mountaintop and he set us free

We are the Warriors of the Sun
We may be crazy
And it may be our final run
We are the Warriors of the Sun

Everybody knows that the whale is smarter than we
Probably that's why we call him the king of the sea
We're killing everything on dry land, why don't we just let the fishes be
Some of us are Greenpeace Warriors of the Sea

We are the Warriors of the Sun
We are the Warriors of the Sun
We are the Warriors of the Sun
We are the Warriors of the Sun