29 June 2009

Choosing a Tattoo Parlor (What's in a Name?)

Choosing a tattoo parlor: relatively easy for a guy or gal in their teens. NOT so easy for a 63 year old lady looking for a place to get her first "tat".

I knew what design I wanted (a butterfly); I just didn't know where I wanted to go to get it. Do I go to Acid Works, Death Row Tattoo, Electric Chair Tattoo or Big Guns?

Not THIS old lady. I picked a shop based strictly on it's name.....Artistic Fusion. I thought that sounded so much more gentle than the other places.

There was a delightful 23 year old man who had great patience and showed me all the equipment and how it was packaged, sterilized etc. He even showed me the Health Certificate that the parlor has to get every 30 days.

The tattoo process itself was nothing like I had expected. It wasn't bad at all. I now have a purple and yellow butterfly tattoo on my left shoulder. Would I get another "tat"? HECK YES !!!!!