06 June 2009

CRYOGENICS Fact or fiction? Right or wrong?

DEATH (the permanent termination of a person's biological functions) is inevitable. Most people have accepted that on one level or another. Others feel that life expectancy can be doubled or tripled from what it is now. Some people are terrified enough to spend vast amounts of money to put it off as long as possible with a new phenomena (mainly for the injured or terminally ill) by being cryogenically frozen.

This procedure can be done in California, (for approx. $120,000.00) the only place on the planet where cryogenic freezing is legal.

DOES IT WORK? Not yet according to the Aclor Foundation. who is the main company handling cryogenic freezings. Applicants have to go through a very complex legal process in order to gain entry. Then they must become a member of the Foundation.

The theory behind cryogenics is the eventually, whatever ails you, will be curable and you will be thawed out. But why freeze a damaged or aged body. Some people are looking to freeze just their heads (wouldn't this restrict their quality of life when thawed?).

It's not the "mad scientist" from old films whose doing the research now. It's major corporations who are doing it and are looking at cryogenic freezing from an investment standpoint.