09 June 2009

GET THAT ^$^%$#@ DOG OFF MY LEG !!!!!!

This is not my usual type of post but the topic ranks in the top 5 on my aggravation list (actually, it's pretty close to the top).

WHY do dogs have a fondness for my leg ???? When I visit people who have dogs, WHY am I the person who is singled out as the dog's personal "partner"? WHY OH WHY? I don't have long ears and my tongue doesn't fall out the side my mouth . I don't lick people and I don't drool. I don't have 4 legs and a tail and I certainly don't eat Kibble. So, WHY am I the "chosen one" and what can I do?

Do I casually try to gently shake him off?

Do I try to pick him up & give him to someone else?

Do I try to pretend it's not happening?

Do I try to distract him with food?

Do I try to kick him off with the other foot?

Do I try and drag him into another room for privacy?

Do I just let him "ride it out"?

Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Believe me, the next time this happens............

I will try just about ANYTHING!!!!