02 November 2010

The Stability of Gold

Gold originally was not used for it's monetary value: it was made into jewelry, used to decorate sacred locations and made into shrines and idols ("The Golden Calf"). Gold was excavated in Turkey during 2350 - 2600 B.C. and was valued and owned by the powerful. Prisoners of war were often sent to work in the mines to harvest gold. Today, the monetary value of gold is accepted all over the world and many people have a gold IRA. Even when the world economy was low in the last several years, gold has kept it's value. An ounce of gold has seen a continuous increase in value and is still recognized around the world as a solid monetary commodity.

We'd all love to have the gold bullion in this room but we know that's unrealistic. Did you know that if you had been buying bullion during the 70's and had purchased $25,000.00 in gold bullion, it would be worth approximately $524.999.00 today? It makes you stop and realize how great an opportunity you are missing out on. It's not too late to put gold into your portfolio for your future.

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