26 November 2010

Elephants In Arkansas?

That's right! Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary, located about 50 miles north of Little Rock Arkansas, has been in business 20 years. "Elephant Weekends" are held approximately 6 times a year. One of the owners, Scott Riddle has trained and managed elephants for 44 years and has both African (see left picture) and Asian (see right picture) elephants at the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is on 330 acres and there are also horses and a rooster that gives the morning wake-up call.

A weekend adventure includes hands-on- experiences with the elephants that could be bathing the huge animals, brushing mud from their bristly hairs or using a metal rasp to file toenails to a rounded edge.

The buildings were built with grants, donated funds and even donated wood and metal. There are currently 8 elephants, both male and female at the Sanctuary including a 2 year old African elephant who like to eat marshmallows.