19 November 2010

Classic Thanksgiving Meal Accessories

Guest post written by Rachel Bowers

This year I'm hosting my first ever Thanksgiving meal at mine and my husband's house. I'm really excited because we've only been here a few months and all of my family hasn't seen our new house yet. We could never host them in our old apartment because it wasn't big enough to accommodate everyone. So right now I'm in super Thanksgiving hostess mood and have been planning the menu like crazy.

I'm not cooking all of the stuff though. I've been using my clear tv bundle to correspond with everyone and figure out what everyone's bringing. But for the stuff I'm making, I'm trying my best and have actually been practicing some of it this month on me and my husband to help prevent any food disasters on teh day.

What I'm most excited about cooking though is apple cranberry sauce because I want to do traditional but with a twist that my family wonÕt be afraid to try out. Iove already made it once and me and my husband both really liked it so I hope that everyone else will like it too.