16 November 2010

A Different View of Life

We're used to seeing things straight on so wouldn't it be great to see a view of your house from up above? My daughter had her house photographed about 10 years ago with aerial photography and it's fun to see the changes that have occurred. There was very little landscaping when she moved in and over the years she and her husband have planted several trees. To see what the landscaping originally looked like and what it looks like now is amazing.

If you're looking into colleges, wouldn't it be great to see the layout of the different institutions with college/university aerial video tours? You'll be able to see the property and architecture unhindered. Thinking of playing on a new golf course? Wouldn't it be nice to see "the lay of the land" with a golf course aerial video tour? You'd be able to see the demographics of each hole and the layout of the entire course with the actual colors.