09 November 2010

Is It Too Late To Get Cheap Auto Insurance Alabama?

In today's economy your money is being stretched in many directions. Your car insurance doesn't have to be one of those areas. Hopefully, this isn't a picture of your car in a crash with you now realizing that you're auto insurance has lapsed or that you don't have enough coverage. Has your child taken your car without your permission and called to tell you that they have just been involved in an accident with another vehicle? There are many scary scenarios involving too little or no insurance. If you're a first time driver looking for insurance, you can be overwhelmed by the terminology you'll see or hear while comparing companies and coverage. What is bodily injury liability coverage? What is comprehensive coverage? What are deductibles and how will they affect you? Am I better off choosing a higher or lower deductible? How do I know which one is better? How do I know I have the right amount of coverage? Do I have too much or too little coverage? There are many factors that impact insurance rates including the age and driving history. On and on go the questions even for experienced drivers.

While searching the Internet for auto insurance companies, I found a web site that is very user friendly: cheap auto insurance Alabama. No matter what kind of car you drive, you can always be insured!!!! No more saying "I can't afford it!" Log onto their web site and see how easy and fast it is to get a quote. I tried it and it's very self-explanatory. First, I entered my zip code when I was taken to the next page, then clicked " on "Get Quotes" again. I could then get auto insurance quotes from several major insurance providers including Progressive and Unitrin Direct with prices based on the state I live in (Michigan). When I clicked on the individual sites, I entered my name, address, date of birth (don't worry: the sites asking for personal information are secure sites) and clicked "enter". The next page asked for type, year, make and model of the vehicle that was to be insured (auto, van, truck or SUV), then I provided details on the use of the vehicle (business, personal, pleasure or farming), whether I owned or leased the vehicle and if it had an anti-theft device. The next page asked for personal information including marital status, Social Security number (remember, this is a secure site), information on accidents and auto claims, whether there would be additional drivers, a little bit more info and then onto a personalized quote for you and your vehicle.

It took less than 8 minutes to complete the process in the comfort of my own home. There is also a toll-free number for people to use if they are uncomfortable putting their personal information on the Internet. Why wait? Get a free auto insurance quote today!