30 June 2010

Technical Support Anywhere In The World

I used to have to carry my computer's tower/ hard drive to the repair shop that I use for my PC. As I'm a senior citizen, this was not easy to do, plus it tied my computer up for several days before a technician was able to get to it. After the problem was fixed, I'd have to cart it home and hopefully re- connect the correct wires and cords. About a year ago, the company started remote support and I LOVE IT! By using PC Remote Access, the technician is now able to start trouble shooting with my original phone call. Not only is it cost effective, it's very time efficient. The first time I saw the technician move the cursor on my monitor without my hand on the mouse, I was totally mesmerized. This way of getting technical support really impressed me.

Having seen remote support on an individual basis, I would use a computer support system with remote access to help the bottom line of the budget and keep productivity high if I were a business owner. Proxynetworks.com is a professional provider of remote desktop software for "help desk" technicians and administrators to trouble shoot, access files or collaborate with a work team. The software offers secure technical assistance for businesses, utilizing remote access, remote control and remote management. One computer can access another through the Internet and the program has the ability to reach computers even when they're not in use, set varied encryption key strength (currently at a high 256 bit encryption), store details of related activities and more. The program capabilities should make the Proxy Pro 7 a mandatory system that no business should be without. With the amount of travel many companies are doing, computer down-time is not an option for a successful business and this software is definitely the step that should be taken to guarantee that.