11 June 2010

I Love The Summertime

Plain and simple: I love flowers. I recently got back from a week in Hawaii and flowers were everywhere. The flowers that we pay lots of money for in the states grow like weeds there. My favorite flower is the orchid and I found them everywhere. Growing by the roadsides, the orchids grew in fantastic colors. The residents think of them as weeds and are constantly trying to get rid of them as some varieties can choke out other forms of vegetation. After I got home and re-checked the price of orchids, I started to think about possibly getting an arbor and trying to grow my own flowers. The variety of designs in arbors is fabulous with many styles and designs to choose from.

When I was driving the other day, I passed a house that had a tire swing hanging from a large, gnarled apple tree. It made me think back to the days when I was little and we visited my grandparents. They didn't have a tire swing but they had the most fabulous wooden arbors. My sister and I would play around them for hours at a time and wave to the engineers on the trains that passed not far from her house. The garden arbors were wrapped in grape vines and my grandmother made jams and jellies from the grapes. The only time we didn't play there was when the grape vines were in bloom as the flowers attracted hundreds of bees and hornets.