03 June 2010

I Finally Get To The Getty

If you're a fan of incredible architecture or just tire of driving down the 405 and looking up at that little white tram heading up the side of the mountain and wondering why not you. Well here's your chance to join the people in the know. After countless excuses of why I haven't been. I finally decided to use an off day with absolutely nothing planned an very little money to spare,to visit the Getty Museum. It took me 2 minutes on the computer to prep myself, location, cost and exit to get off at and about 15 minutes to get my travel food together, sandwiches, snickers and a ice chest full of ice, water and gatorade. I grabbed my camera and keys, set the alarm systems for the home and was off. Going during the middle of the week I found less traffic getting there.

First tip of the day: wear comfortable shoes, there is a bit of walking too do but with all there is to see I don't think you'll notice. At least not until the end of the day. They have these head phones that you can rent,that will narrate the exibits marked with a special icom. It's sort of like getting a guided tour. Now when I drive the 405 and look up at the Getty, it's a share memory. That was a great day.

This guest posting compliments of Gerson Hamrick.