08 June 2010

Horror Movies

Thanks to my buddy John Granger for the guest blog post.

You know, not many movies strike fear into the hearts as much as the remake of George Romero's Night Of The Living Dead. I never thought that they could recreate it so perfectly as they did. I was really surprised to find that my brother recorded it on the DVR to watch on my cable tv. Technology and special effects were top notch in this remake, due to the help of Tom Savini. He actually was the make up and special effects coordinator for the original, which came out all the way back in the 1960's. I definitely do not suggest that you watch this movie with your little ones, because ther is a ton of gore throughout the film.

Horror movie enthusiasts have to check this one out if they haven't done so already. I get so sick of the way that horror movie remakes have been done lately, but this one really stands out as different. There is just something about being confined in a single space that gives the audience a sense of being trapped as well. There were enough changes to the original format of the film to keep your interest throughout its duration. If Hollywood was smart, they would do many more remakes just like this one. Maybe if Tom Savini did the makeup, they would be scary as well.