24 June 2010

Eye Can't See You: My Glasses Are Broken Again!

I was very young when I started wearing glasses and there were very few frame styles available. Most of them were geared towards adults not children and the few that were for young people were not attractive. As a youngster, broken frames were always a problem for my parents. The roughest outdoor sport I ever did was ride a bike but those darn frames kept breaking.

My parents didn't have lots of money so replacements made an unexpected dent in their budget. Once again, the economy is experiencing tough economic times, so it's good to know that there's a web site that has quality eyeglasses for everyone. You'll find exactly what you're looking for with prices to meet everyone's budget. Single vision, bi-focal, sunglasses (with various color tints), polycarbonate lenses, frames and more are very affordable and stylish. Frames are made from top quality materials including titanium, plastic or acetate and aluminum alloy.

Opticians are hesitant to give eye exams and prescriptions to patients who order their glasses online. They especially don't like giving the pupillary distance (PD) which is the distance between the pupils of the eyes and is vital to a successful fit of the glasses. Patients have to fight to get this and some opticians try to hide or disguise the number. What a sad state of affairs when a licensed doctor would do that to a patient who is trying to get the best vision they can at an affordable price.