25 June 2010

Help Keep Your Family Financially Secure

The happiness and financial security of your family is probably the most important thing for you because you'll never know when something unexpected will come along (that's way it's called "unexpected") and leave your family financially devastated. You try to do the best you can and hopefully you have the right accident cover. Many people around the world die from accidents everyday. It's sad for those left behind if there's no insurance protection to keep loved ones financially solvent.

How many people think about having something set aside to pay the cost of a funeral? Most people are not even aware that there's funeral cover. Usually this benefit is tax-free to the beneficiaries. The cost of funerals has risen drastically in the past few years and you want to have the best that you can for your loved one. From the flowers and casket to the burial plot, you don't want to have to scrimp or take out a sizable loan to cover costs.

Unexpected events can also put the family's income in jeopardy. Guardian income insurance will help give you the financial protection your family needs by paying up to 75% of your monthly pre-tax income (to a maximum of $10,000/mo). It's a good move to check into income protection insurance before you need it.