11 April 2011

Let It Rain! The Metal Roofing Can Handle It!

Spring is really here! Looking around outside, I've seen over a dozen robins already (5 at one time), buds are appearing on trees and tender shoots are popping up (hope the squirrels give them a chance to grow this year). Looking around the neighborhoods, I've seen quite a few roofs that didn't survive the winter well.

Many will need re-roofing (April showers have arrived full force in my area and can do serious damage to old roofs) and a great way to go would be with metal roofing. Initially, it's a little more expensive than traditional roofing shingles, but in the long run, the investment pays for itself. These roofs are almost maintenance free and are lightweight so that the support beams of a structure bear less weight. They can also be recycled and the best part is that this type of roofing can usually be installed over an existing roof reducing cost as there is no removal that needs to be done.