27 April 2011

Charleston Homes: Buying? Selling?

Many people are finding it necessary to move due to the sluggish economy of the last few years. One of the desired locations in real estate is the Charleston area. Relocating is usually difficult but an experienced realtor can make the move less painful.

Karen Koerner, a licensed realtor with three decades experience working in real estate and with Charleston homes, knows the area well and has helped many families find the perfect fit. Ms. Koerner can find the ideal existing residence or work with a family on new-house construction. Having moved 14 times herself, she understands the stress involved in moving. Have you had your house up for sale for months, maybe even years and it's just not moving in this slow economy? Are you stressed because you need to sell your house because you're facing foreclosure or you've been lucky enough to get a job in another city and have to find a new home? Ms. Koerner has the professional experience and knowledge of the housing market that you need to get the job done!