04 May 2011

Don't Lose The Memories

It doesn't matter how you photographs got damaged. It could be due to age, poorly stored conditions, fire, flood, tornado and more. But that doesn't mean those precious memories have to be tossed. Photo restoration services Austin can help! If there is water damage, the most important thing is to get the photographs dried as quickly as possible. They have drying centers where large items can be taken to dry out.

If you've had a fire or a broken water pipe, the water damage to your residence is devastating. If your house has been flooded, you don't even know how to begin the clean-up process. It's especially difficult if marble is involved and one professional comapny that can help is http://www.thesteamteam.com/ (The Steam Team). They have the experience and knowledge to treat marble correctly during the entire process. Do you have problems with your pets using the carpet as a litter box or grass? Again, not a problem with urine odor removal. Their power rinsing will completely remove odors from your carpet.