22 March 2011

Tod Seisser: A Man On The Move

GROK? Surely: a strange name for a company! But it's a company that's growing by leaps and bounds with Tod Seisser active in it's growth. As a founding partner, Tod and his team oversee every step of a project. With his extensive background as an art director and designer, he has been involved in campaigns for Johnson & Johnson, Kodak, General Mills and other top businesses. A past teacher and lecturer in the Arts, Mr. Seisser is currently active in the Partnership For A Drug Free America.

Jaguar, General Motors and Wild Turkey have also benefited from Grok campaigns. Written about in the New York Times, Supermarket News and other major publications, Grok is a force to be taken seriously. Located in New York City, they work with budgets of any size, monitoring campaigns to be sure they're effective. Using many forms of media, they get a company's message out while doing all the work in-house!