20 September 2010

Give Their Brains the Help They Need

Algebra equations have caused both parents and students hours of anguish over the years. TutorNext.com helps students of all ages from grades K-12 and college students understand the basics of any area of Math with a tutor who is experienced in their area of expertise.

A solid foundation in Pre Algebra helps a student understand the foundations on which Algebra is based. Any math questions can be addressed in the on-line session with the child's tutor. The tutors don't do the homework. After the homework has been uploaded and the tutor has reviewed it, detailed steps will be emailed to the student so that they can reach the correct answer themselves while building a good foundation of math basics. Math tutors are available 24/7 and work with students one-to-one.

Prime numbers, (the number by which a number is divisible: itself and one other) and Linear equations are also options for on-line tutoring. Standard form, a way of writing down very large or very small numbers in their easiest form is quickly mastered. Teaching a child how to divide is best left to experts who work with a child in the convenience of their own home.