17 September 2010

An Easy Way To Stay Healthy

Oregano, (a beautiful flowering plant) is mainly known for it's culinary contributions. It's used world-wide for cooking and the dried herb is more flavorful than the fresh. It's mainly associated with Italian dishes and is used in tomato sauces, fried vegetables and grilled meats. Oregano adds flavor to Greek salads and is used in Turkey for flavoring lamb and mutton. It can also be purchased as oregano oil and offers health benefits too. It's high in antioxidants and has proved to have antimicrobial activity against food-borne pathogens (infectious organisms). It can treat allergies and yeast infections and is also an anti fungal . Veterinarians are starting to use it in the treatment of animals.

Bio-D Mulsion (vitamin D-3) can help with osteoporosis and other bone issues and help prevent/slow down bone deterioration. It has an excellent absorption ability and helps with calcium absorption and bone metabolism. Vitamin D is important especially in winter when some people suffer from "sunlight deprivation" and people with inflammatory or autoimmune disorders.