14 September 2010

Are You Familiar with the Term "Keylogger?

I'm learning new computer terms all the time and the latest term is keylogger. It refers to tracking the keys struck/hit/typed onto a computer keyboard. It's usually done in a such a way that the user of the computer is not even aware that they're being monitored.

There are many ways that this tracking can be done. Hardware or software, electromagnetic or acoustic analysis are used. These programs detect spy programs and trojans and keep them from corrupting/gaining access to personal information (passwords, credit cards used and more). Without it, your computer history is fair game for any one! Your web cam is also protected.

My computer was recently invaded by malware. What an expensive proposition that was to restore my computer. Not only did my computer have to spend several days in the repair shop: it was also very costly to get it restored to optimum operating condition. I intend to guard my computer from future hackers and learn more about prevention of problems (and do something about it).