20 September 2010

Dietary Supplements and Pregnancy

We all need certain nutrients and vitamins in our daily diets in order to make sure that we are healthy and strong. This is particularly true of women who are pregnant. A pregnant woman needs more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients than normally, in order to make sure that she and her baby are healthy and that the unborn baby is developing properly.

The Need for Iron

Many women who are pregnant find that their iron is low and it may be recommended to them to take supplements that are rich in iron. Pregnancy can make it difficult to maintain a proper level of iron in the body and using dietary supplements that contain iron are a good idea. Not only do these supplements have plenty of iron, they are also loaded with many other important vitamins and nutrients. Another important mineral is zinc and it is also another one that pregnant women do not always have enough of. Supplements that are rich in both iron and zinc are ones that you should be looking for.

Vitamin Supplements Are Also a Good Idea

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to get all of the vitamins they need from dietary sources. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Because pregnant women need to have more vitamins in their diets than others, they are at even more of a risk of not getting what they and their babies, need. In many cases, dietary vitamin supplements are used. During pregnancy, women are at risk of not getting the proper nutrients, due to such factors as morning sickness, a sudden dislike for certain foods and cravings for food that they really should not be eating. Vitamin supplements can make up for what they are not getting in their diets.

If you are pregnant and are considering using dietary supplements of any kind, it is vital that you speak with your physician before hand. After all, you are not only putting these supplements into your body, but into that of your baby, so you want to be sure that anything you use is not going to hurt it. Your physician will be able to recommend a supplement that is good for you and your baby as well. There are supplements that are not good for pregnant women, especially those that contain caffeine, vitamin A and ephedrine. Again, your physician will be the best person to help you figure out which supplement is the right one for you to use.

These are guidelines only! Check with your doctor before starting any form of exercise.