17 August 2010

You Don't Have to Live in a Fort

You don't have to live in a fort to be protected but once someone has broken into your house you become a statistic and feel violated. When your home is broken into not only does someone take your valuables, they also take the years it took to earn the money to afford the items. However, the most important thing they take is your sense of security. Many people are uncomfortable having a firearm in the house due to safety issues (what good would it do as the gun has to be kept locked up) and others can't have dogs due to allergies.

The number of burglaries and assaults, both business and residential, has risen sharply in the last few years due to a slumping economy. You want to do everything you can to keep you and your family safe from harm. Business owners want to prevent increases in the number of robberies that occur. You want the best coverage you can get with a home security team at an affordable price. You want 24/7 monitoring by trained professionals who know how to respond in a crisis and have a plan for emergencies.

Consumer Reports offers several suggestions for securing a business or residence including kick-proofing doors (several types more durable than others are available). Choose a solid lock which resists drilling and picking. Use security or safety glass that can withstand blows up to 400 foot-pounds. Light areas around doors, windows and blind spots. Landscape well avoiding tall foundation plants that give criminals a place to hide. Most importantly: add an alarm.

When you log onto http://www.broadviewsecurity.com/, you'll find a company that can service all your needs whether personal or professional. Help is available not only for break-ins but for medical and fire emergencies as well. They react quickly and thus get other emergency professionals to respond quickly to whatever the crisis is. Businesses with several locations can have customized business alarms and digital surveillance systems installed. With an alarm system you don't have to worry about your property when you go on vacation, and you can sleep peacefully each night knowing you, your family and your valuables are safe.