21 August 2010

Retargeting and Remarketing? Yes!

You're in business to make money RIGHT? But, are you going about getting customers in the right way? In these difficult economic times, you need every sale that you can get. You have to hit the target almost all the time to be financially successful. Have you ever thought about remarketing and retargeting advertising? Confused by these concept or don't understand what they mean?

Simply put, these concepts mean revisiting the person(s) who have already visited your web-site with an ad. You know they have the interest in whatever you're selling as they've already visited and are basically "pre-qualified" and pre-filtered". They've visited your site originally to buy or learn but statics show that 98% of all visitors to a site leave before taking an action.

Recruemedia.com is one of the retargeting companies that will help you get the most "bang for your buck". They can help you implement effective strategies with positive results through online displays.