24 August 2010

It's Very Easy to Conserve Water

For centuries people have assumed that water would last forever and would be there whenever we wanted. Not True! Rain water barrels are one of the easiest way to conserve water. The world's rain forests are shrinking daily. They used to cover 14% of the earth's surface and now only cover 6%. This is a scary fact as many aspects of our lives are dependant of the activity of the rain forests.

Shower heads are easy to install and are a cost effective way to conserve water and save energy. If you haven't replaced your shower head in years, now it the time to do it. Shower heads older than the early '90's use almost double the amount of water per shower. New shower heads can give a misty spray or individual streams of water.

The Office of Water recommends aerators on faucets, using energy efficient dish washer and close washers, putting heat tape on water heaters and lowering the water temperature by a few degrees.