23 December 2009

Strength Where You Need it Most

If you're involved with construction of bridges, tunnels building highways or doing marine construction, then BACO Enterprises is the industrial bolt/fastener/washer distributor you need.

Located in Bronx, NY, they are the leading distributors of A325 and A490 Structural Bolts. With a huge inventory of every size needed, BACO Enterprises also has the capability of manufacturing special sizes and lengths needed for any job. Custom made or off-the-shelf, their fasteners can arrive with fast delivery service. The east coast (New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts, lower NY, Long Island and the New York Metro area) will receive next day delivery for standard washers.

BACO Enterprises has experts who can help with questions and special requests. Distribution and manufacturing fasteners of different sizes and lengths of products give flexibility for various construction project. Whether the washers are plate, USS flat, structural, ogee, toothed or clipped, your construction needs will be met. You can also request information directly through their electronic request form.