09 December 2009

Go "Way" South of The Border

Now is the time to plan your dream vacation in Argentina. The sluggish economy will help you get fabulous deals on lodging and tours that might not have been available in the past. Tours in Argentina can be planned for as many days as you want and can be tailored to fit any budget.

ExploreArgentina.com, established in 2001, specializes in tourism in Argentina and Latin-America. Tours and hotels in Argentina can be previewed for wherever your destination happens to be. Open 24 hours a day, their tourism office is staffed with knowledgeable professionals who have access to the latest technology to help you plan that special vacation.

Hotel in Buenos Aires and hotels in El Calafate offer luxurious accommodations with many ammenities. To get started with your research, log into the ExploreArgentina.com web site, select a destination, enter dates of arrival and departure and the type/size room that you want. It's as easy as that.

When you travel to Argentina, you'll have the vacation of a lifetime. The tourism staff will help you with your completely personalized vacation and give you insights into out-of-the-way places that you might otherwise miss.