11 December 2009

Help Your Child Learn Math Quickly

Are you tired of the nightly battles with your child over math homework assignments? Can't afford a tutor? Here's an easy and cost effective way to help your child. With Guaranteach's approach, both you and your child will be amazed at how quickly math concepts are learned. Affordable online tutoring is just a computer click away.

Guaranteach was started in 2008 by two teachers and is one of the best Internet sources for math help. In a classroom, the ratio of students to teachers is very high so getting the extra help your child might need is difficult. Online video lessons cover all math topics including counting and calculus. You can try out the site with a free fractions video to get a feel for how the material is presented. There are also practice math questions.

With over 20,000 teacher-reviewed lessons, Algebra help and Algebra tutoring is available 24/7. As with all the lessons each math concept is taught in a variety of ways. An assessment quiz shows your child's learning style and which videos would be the best match for them. There are also reports that track your child's progress. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain by looking at and reviewing the site.