23 December 2009

Invest In Your Future With Gold

Here's an astounding fact that will make you wish you had invested in gold a few years ago. $25,000.00 of gold bullion purchased in the 70's would be worth $524,999.00 today. Inflation, the oil crisis, the Internet and more have not effected the value of gold in the long term.

Gold is also a great investment for an IRA. Besides being the oldest form of money and the ultimate asset, governments can not devalue it and it can help offset market fluctuations in investment portfolios. Gold is often referred to as the "crisis commodity" and why investors put it into a 401k or traditional and Roth IRA's. Quite often, the price of gold rises when the economy is depressed.

Aurum Advisors has experience working with and delivering gold. Advisors are available to recommend the best investments to increase your portfolio with coins such as the gold Australian nugget pictured. It's one of the most popular coins created by the Perth Mint. There are 8 denominations minted with new designs each year.