17 December 2009

Kyanite: An Unusual Crystal

I'm always fascinated by the origin of words. Having been to Greece twice, I was pleased to find out that the name of the beadsofcambay.com's Kyanite is from the Greek word "kyanos". Kyanite is usually blue but is also available in white, grey or green. The color varies throughout the crystal and due to its origin in metamorphic rock. The piece at the left is made up of green Kyanite faceted elongated Marquis crystals.

Mined in Brazil, North Carolina, Switzerland, Russia, Serbia, India and Kenya, Kyanite can be transparent and/or translucent. The piece at the right is made up of Kyanite crystals that are of a brilliant quality with a smooth exterior. They are well matched in their dark true blue color, size and luster. They would be an asset to any jewelry designer's collection and fun to create pieces with.

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