24 July 2009

GOOD Traffic vs BAD Traffic

Traffic isn't wanted when you're stuck in it due to an accident, construction or zillions of commuters. Traffic is great when it's directed to your site and I want to share a fabulous, fast, free and easy way to increase your traffic: TrafficG.

No waiting for blog approval. You receive traffic credits at a one hit-one credit (1:1) ratio. Surfing time is 17 seconds and you can reduce that with an upgrade for a minimal cost.

This is a recommendation for TrafficG, a site I joined because it is very user friendly. You don't need to look it up: just click on the blue TrafficG link. Register, do a little surfing and see how fast and easy it is to accumulate a lot of credits in a short amount of time. Look at the upgrades to see the benefits to your surfing time and the additional credits you will receive. This site is definitely " a "must see" for bloggers who want to increase their traffic and reduce their surfing time. It's well worth your time to check it out.