03 July 2009

Confused about getting blog traffic?

Confused about which sites(s) to use to increase traffic to your blog? There are so many out there, each one promising to be better then the one before. If you're like me, you're always looking for a fast & easy way to increase traffic to your site.

Stumbled on a fabulous site: TrafficG. It's a fast, free way to accumulate traffic credits (1:1). Blog Explosion reviews take 30 seconds and 2 hits/ sites = 1 credit. With TrafficG, the time is 17 seconds to get one credit. You can upgrade for a minimal cost to buy credits so you can get lazy for awhile with your surfing.

There's no waiting for blog approval and you receive 10 credits to start with, so you're already off and running upon signing up.

This is not a paid post for TrafficG but a comparison to other traffic sites. NO NEED to look it up: just click on the blue link. Register and do a little surfing to see how fast and easy it is to accumulate a lot of credits in a short amount of time. It's well worth the effort.