19 July 2009


The word alone causes different reactions in people, sometimes even within families. Cremation is a word that causes strong emotional responses.

What is cremation? Simply put, it's another way of preparing physical remains for final disposition.

Does cremation give you options? (Yes...many)

  1. Ashes can be buried
  2. They can be put in a niche
  3. They can be scattered in one or many places
  4. Ashes can be divided among children
  5. They can even be made into jewelry

Does cremation raise questions? (Yes....many)

  1. Are there religions that do not approve of cremation?
  2. How can you be certain that you receive the correct ashes?
  3. Is embalming required prior to cremation?
  4. What do cremated remains look like?
  5. Are urns required for the cremated remains?

Dealing with death is never easy but forethought can help in this difficult time.