12 March 2011

How I Recycle

Thanks to Aurelio Delacruz

Several years ago I watched an episode of “Oprah” and she was focusing on plastic bags. The show told viewers how bags stay in the ocean and build up in our natural resources. It definitely inspired me to switch to green bags and to start recycling my old paper and plastic containers.

I am happy to keep the bags out of the oceans and landfills. However I have discovered how much I love my green bags and now I get so angry when I forget to bring them into the store with me. They are so convenient and can put so much more into them. I am able to bring all of my groceries into the house with only one or two loads instead of taking four or five.

The neighborhood where I live focuses on green living. Our home was built to be energy efficient and we have a recycling truck that comes to pick up our plastic and paper products. Our area has made recycling much easier. I feel better because I'm helping to contribute to the health of our planet and I expect to see home energy savings through new green technologies. Our heating bill is much lower in our new home than it was in our old one and my new washing machine is saving us money on our water bill with the help of JUSTENERGY rates .